Business Advice

OptiBiz is owned by Clifford Brown who is also a Business Advisor with Business Success Partners.

Business Success Partner providing any Size Business the resources and systems designed to help businesses grow and prosper.

As a Business Success Partners we assist you in unlocking your Businesses Potential and thereby offer you, the owners, a great deal more than you currently earn.

As Business Success Partners we have the experience, diagnostic tools and resources to assist you in understanding and unlocking your Business potential.

Business Success Partners utilise a system, we called the "Business Success Programme" to guide the consultation and so by assisting businesses all over New Zealand become more successful and profitable.

The software utilised is state of the art with tools and resources that combined with the experience and expertise of the Business Success Partners, creates a collaborative approach to your business success and improved lifestyle.

This program will produce a comprehensive business plan within the first 8 -10 weeks and then a full implementation plan that will be worked through to ensure the business achieves all of its short, medium and long term objectives.

The Business Success Programme is ideal for -

  • Businesses wanting to achieve significant growth
  • Businesses needing to be more profitable
  • Business owners seeking a more enjoyable lifestyle
  • Businesses that need to be rescued
  • Businesses that want to develop or expand
  • Business owners wanting to build the asset value of their business

"The program is designed for business owners that are committed to long term business improvement and success"

We work closely with several strategic partners, accountants and NZTE funding agencies to provide a complete package to our clients.

We have several workshops and seminars throughout the year targeted at assisting Business Owners in getting more out of their Businesses.

Get in touch now to discuss your path to a new, more profitable tomorrow.