My mind while running a business

This Blog was inspired by a post I read on Facebook relating to one of my other passions – running specifically Trail Running.  After reading it I shared the post and through talking to another runner he remarked – “use the similarities for a Business Blog” and hence the Blog.

Drawing similarities from the picture below we can get a better idea of what I am talking about. So some of the thoughts going through your mind as a Business Owner may be

  • How come Business is not getting anywhere?
  • Maybe I should have done some more research?
  • Is this the right Product/Service?
  • When last did I have a good month with solid income?
  • Is this where I hoped I would be?
  • Is that a potential sale I just missed?
  • How come my Business is still here, surely I should start seeing some income now?
  • Is this marketing strategy I’ve got working?
  • Do I have the right people & structure?
  • Seriously, am I still not making good money?
  • Thought this would be easier?
  • Did people really mean it when they said I was good at my last job?
  • Why have I still not got more free time?
  • This is ridiculous!  How come I am still NOT making any money?

Many Business Owners can relate to these questions, if not all, at least some of them.

No one said it would be easy starting a Business, especially if it is not an existing Business and has to be started from Scratch.

We will all face uphill struggles in starting this new adventure as we are pretty new to it all and as I wrote in the previous Blog – we ask the ‘veterans’ (of Business) questions but the situation, environment, business type etc are different to our circumstances so they may not entire fit out predicament.  So it all ends up like trying to fit a Square in a Round Hole I suppose?

Rather than plodding along on this constant uphill and wondering when it will end, rather stop and regroup.  Build your Business Plan around YOUR Business and develop a strategy that suites YOU and YOUR Business so to realise your Personal Vision.