Construction and commissioning of various Projects at BHP Billiton Khutala Mine, Witbank South Africa

Working as part of a Project Management Office delivering various Minor & Major Capital Projects for BHP Billiton.

- Ventilation Fan for Underground mine with associated infrastructure (roads and electrical) was one of the Major Capital Projects with the installation of a Ventilation Fan to improve ventilation Underground on various levels within the Mine. With a budget of US$39m it was definitely not a small project.

The Scope for this project included the following:​

  • Sinking a shaft through the various levels
  • Installation and Commissioning of the Fan
  • Roads & Infrastructure

- Incline Fire Suppression System installation into the incline shaft.

The project included the installation and commissioning of a Fire Suppression system, which included;

  • Installation of Sprinkler Piping the entire length of the incline shaft (in excess of 1.2km)
  • Installation of Sprinkler Pump
  • Construction of a Sprinkler Pump Room
  • Construction of Holding Reservoirs

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